Canadian Oil and Gas company BURZA offers forward thinking solutions during current economic climate

Burza Advanced Technologies Ltd. (BURZA) is a private Canadian company in the Oil and Gas industry with a large global outreach. Specializing in infrastructure and field services for the past 40 years, the company has positioned itself as an innovator in the industry. With a globalized and people-centric approach, the company has successfully recruited specialists from around the world such as Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Many of BURZA’s services help to enhance their customers revenues, not just lower customer costs. Burza provides forward thinking solutions to improve companies productivity.

• With an emphasis on the current economic climate and the devastating oil price struggles, BURZA is focusing their efforts on upgrading and overhauling already existing infrastructures in North African oil fields. These efforts will not only improve but will optimize the equipment several companies already have. In turn, this offers an economical solution to reach optimal output while increasing cashflow.
• BURZA also provides aftermarket parts and services, troubleshooting, engine/compressor overhauls, component manufacturing/re-engineering, Cylinder Plasma Spray rebuilds of cylinders, vibration and failure analysis and remote monitoring in hostile oilfield environments.
• As BURZA expands, they plan to significantly expand their expertise into areas such as instrumentation and controls. Their goal is to also offer a broader spectrum of support to other industries.

The birth of Burza Advanced Technologies Ltd. was engineered by a leader in the industry whose name dates back to the Second World War. Born in France, to two Polish parents after escaping the war, the family was forced to permanently change their last name to BURZA. The literal translation means Storm, and was chosen during a stormy night and appropriately defines the oil and gas industry – Tumultuous.

Moving forward, the company grew into what it is today- A vibrant and enthusiastic company culture fostering innovation, new technology and global change. Burza’s experiences of “weathering the storm” in the industry has capitalized them to survive this current downturn.

Burza is always open to new projects and ideas, and as a result has performed a wide range of projects in a wide variety of countries, such as China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq to name a few.

Each of these locations has a different “culture”, and Burza’s personnel adapt to these various cultures, and nourish ideas from the local people.

Burza is expanding and are constantly seeking out progressive, flexible and talented individuals to join their team. One of Burza’s recent representatives is from Croatia and will help in expanding Burza’s capabilities in instrumentation and controls.